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Our Tarter Tuff Tank Livestock Water Trough products are recycled from 100% lowdensity polyethylene materials. Because they are fashioned from top-grade recycled materials, they are the best-priced tanks of their quality on the market. Impact-, heat-, cold- and U.V.-resistant, these tanks can withstand years of outdoor use. These tanks will not discolor over time, but they are paintable. Edges are smooth to provide the greatest safety for humans and animals. Available with bulk head adapter plug.

                                 Solar Stock Tank
Our stock tanks and Livestock Water Trough are for the small and large livestocjk owners. From oblong to round,poly,gavanized and rubber stock tanks, is your "One Stop Shopping Source" for your livestock needs. When ordering livestock waterers, use this simple calculator. Each horse requires on the average 10 to 20 gallons of water dailey depending on temperture. One horse should use a 50 to 60 gal tank, 2 horses a 100 gal tank, 4 to 6 horses a 300 gal tank and so on. This always assures the owner that their livestock always has an ample amount of water for them. The new rubber tanks are almost indestructible, and great for small livestock operators. The galvanized tanks usally have a life span of 5 to 10 years depending on what time of foundation they are installed on.

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